Ayahuasca Integration

Ayahuasca has the potential to catalyze positive shifts in individual healing and spiritual development.  It is the sacred medicine of the Amazon whose reputation as a powerful teacher and astonishing healer continues to expand its global reach.  And for good reason, people are attracted to the mysterious medicine that helps lift the veil to reveal something greater: a precious connection that has been obscured by a modern-day fog; a nourishing contact with the divine nature of our being; the beginning of an uncannily synchronistic, challenging, and tender journey to the heart of healing and remembrance. 

It is not, however, a teacher to be approached without sincerity.  It is sure to test one’s courage, commitment, and skill at making good use of the contents that come pouring through the floodgates of the unconscious and transpersonal realms.  Preparation and integration are valuable resources for navigating the waves of difficult experience and powerful insight that help to wash away old habits and awaken our hidden potential. 

The medicine is extraordinarily skillful at unearthing difficult psychological material and previously overwhelming experiences that have contributed to imbalances, blockages, and maladaptive patterns.  Fortunately, ayahuasca is also gifted at revealing the inner resources that one must call upon to meet these challenges, and, somehow, seems to know just the right time to do so. 

By helping to strengthen one’s connection to Self—with its boundless capacity for love, compassion, and forgiveness—ayahuasca ensures that the ultimate resource for bringing unintegrated wounding into awareness has been contacted.  Of course, it is up to the individual to cultivate this connection and to realize its wisdom outside of ceremony.

Integration relies on a commitment to honoring the messages that come from both the plants and an ever-increasing connection to one’s deeper being.  It requires a letting go of conditioned tendencies that have outlived their usefulness, while inviting the formation of thoughts and actions that align with higher values and service to others.  This continuous process is undertaken as we call upon what has been learned during ceremony to inform our relationships, our work and contributions to the community, as well as our spiritual evolution.

Ayahuasca is a wonderful teacher, and, as with all good teachers, there is a strong requirement for the students to do their own work.  The gifts of healing become ever more rewarding when one takes an active role in integration.  There are many wonderful practices and approaches available to promote full participation in the medicine journey.   Once the right tools, practices, understanding, and experiential knowing have been accessed and developed, an increasing capacity to weave the gifts of the plants into the tapestry of our lives emerges. 

Soul House integration offers private integration sessions and workshops that are informed by our own deep medicine work and share the tools and insights that continue to support our own process.  We want to make sure that you continue to receive the gifts of your healing long after the ceremony is over.  To find out what an integration session looks like, please click the link below.

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