Whether you are new to the medicine or have already embarked on your transformative journey, talking with someone who has experience with ayahuasca and traditional plant dieta can be incredibly valuable.

Working with ayahuasca can be deeply impactful and life changing in ways that are difficult for anyone who has not had such experiences to truly understand.  To be genuinely heard by someone who has been immersed in their own healing and integration provides a mutual connection that invites your process to continuously unfold.

I am committed to skillfully pointing you towards your own inner guidance so that the gifts of your healing are encouraged to flourish. 

By exploring dreams, content from ceremony, and the wisdom of the body, an inner source of intuitive wisdom can be contacted to guide your journey.  I will work carefully with your individual needs to help you develop the tools and practices that increase your ability to implement the teachings of the plants and your own inner guidance.

Contact me to schedule an online or in-person medicine integration session.

The first session is $75  USD and lasts an hour and a half. Subsequent sessions can be reduced to an hour for $50 USD per session.

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